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About EDK Automotive

EDK Automotive was established in November 2018 to contribute to the needs of Insurance and Fleet Leasing Companies by producing innovative projects with its experience gained in the sector for more than 15 years.


With the trust we have built in the Automotive Industry, genuine spare parts, original (aftermarket group) spare parts without logo, sub-industry and equivalent spare parts, auto glass, mini repair, auto glass repair, damage service network, auto damage, logistics, tire, auto glass service network Our organisation can provide you with the most thorough information about the Turkish market, as well as the software that contains all of this information.

EDK Automotive continues its headlight repair operations under the brand name of FOM_Headlight Repair Center, which has started its work as of the end of 2018 and provides a huge cost advantage to its business partners in a short time and develops its business model day by day. 

Our company, which develops itself with new technologies in the field of Headlight Repair, offers reporting and online tracking to all its business partners at any time with its own software. Our company, which manages all its processes with transparency, provides services to the Southern Anatolian provinces from the existing regional directorate, with the Regional Directorate opened in Denizli in August 2021.


Our mission is to produce a problem-free business model by reviewing the processes with sufficient know-how and providing the relevant controls. EDK Automotive, which has the capacity to overcome all kinds of difficulties with its experience, will continue its projects that produce cost advantages for the sector with its growing structure.

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