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Headlight Repair Center

Regardless of the vehicle brand, we do not change it in order to protect the national wealth - we repair it. Headlight Repair Centers' aim is to provide cost advantages to our business partners, to protect the vehicle's second-hand value by lowering the cost of insured damage, and to satisfy all stakeholders by making repairs in a timely manner while maintaining corporate communication. You're in excellent hands with our over 3 years of headlight repair experience and over 15 thousand headlight fixes. Our organisation, which has enhanced the quality of headlight repair since its inception, effectively completes all of the functional elements of the headlights on the vehicle in the test environment, with the addition of test facilities to the current conditions. Our company, which stocks 24 vehicle brands and over 213 distinct vehicle headlightlens cover, is constantly expanding its product line in headlight repair, which is our primary business.

Spare Parts Usage

-Savings -

Insurance Companies want to increase the use of Aftermarket Spare Parts because they are more affordable, but they cannot use Logoless Original Spare Parts, especially due to the logo on the headlights.

Our Sector Experience and Repair Guarantee

Since it is our 10th year in the industry, we are able to take action in a short time regarding both the policy type and the attitudes of the Authorized Service Centers and without a Contract, and at the same time, we are able to produce solutions for errors that may arise after the related repair.

Speed in Service

We are fully integrating the MotoCourier Service into our system as of January 1, 2020, especially in order to increase our service quality and not to affect the insurance companies' claim processes, and in this context, we will offer online tracking through our software.

Damage Inquiry

-Vehicle Tramer Record-

When the Original Spare Parts and Parts Repair Prices are compared, the damage record inquiry amount will be lower for the Insured who receives SMS notification because the repair prices of the parts are above 75% and the second hand value of the vehicle will be higher.

Protection of National Wealth

More than 70% of the spare parts used in damages to the vehicles moving on Turkish roads are imported from abroad. If the relevant parts are repaired, it will not cause any change, and for this reason, a contribution to the National Wealth will be provided.

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